Las empresas que participaron como sponsors aceptaron no intervenir en los procesos creativos del videojuego, permitiéndonos total libertad creativa (sí, wow)
Vaj7lqbu normal
12 meses
estoy ansioso por ver la versión de mac en steam!
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Ilya Ivanov
9 meses
Hello , dear developers ! I newsmaker our Gameru-community, and we would like to possitive reviews your game Samsa and the Knights of Light on a portal for gamers . Could you provide 30-40 keys to play between our users. If you want to vote for your group in Facebook, Twitter, GreenLight and others. Waiting for your reply.Thanks for you. Best regards! Our official forum e-mail:
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Xuan Cheng
7 meses
Hi there, We are a bunch of game lovers who founded (a Chinese equivalence of We would like to help outstanding game developers from all over the world thrive in the biggest market of all time, China( >1,000,000 active users on STEAM ), with our unique localization service combining wiki-building , translation and media promotions, which proves to be one of the most effective ways to cultivate fans for games. What we offer: Specialized and professional Chinese wiki building(Free, require authorization and data support) Whole-game & wiki contents localizlation from English to Simplified Chinese (Traditional if necessary) Help in promotion within Greater China area through our channels with renowned Chinese gaming media and forums including SteamCN,, G-cores etc. (Free) Other services mutually agreed upon such as assistance on legal issues regarding privacy. Who we are: Professional and experienced localization team that can help your masterpiece thrive among Chinese mass gamers; Members' past work includes Mafia3, Uncharted4, No Man Sky, Hearthstone, Overwatch, GTA5, etc; Experienced experts in constructing wiki websites who founded (hosting sites: A Wiki of Ice and Fire, Lord of Rings Chinese wiki, Hearthstone Chinese wiki, ZH Warframe pedia, etc.) Hardcore gamers who happen to work within the industry for years. Contact me if you are intend to open Chinese market.
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